Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, hello, readers.

This is Mary--you know, that one grad student who posted back when we first started this blog a year ago and then disappeared from the face of the earth for a little while.  In  my defense, I took my comprehensive exams this past fall, so I really had no presence outside of my books for about 6 months.

On behalf of Erin and myself, I am very pleased to say...WE'RE BACK!  Last year, this blog started as a result of our experiences at the annual AHA meeting, and, as I write this post, I'm getting myself ready to go to Washington D.C. for this year's conference.  I hope to keep the blog updated as I'm there, and then again as we head into 2014.

We started this blog as a place to talk about things that are important to and for graduate students, and we continue with that as our primary goal.  Erin will soon have a post updating us on her "flipped classrooms" experiment.  I can't promise what I will be writing about, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be at least one post this semester on the challenge of finding balance.  More than that, though, we want to know what you, our readers, want from us.  What issues are there in your own graduate program?  Where are you in your program?  What challenges are you facing?  What do you need to talk about?

We look forward to continuing old conversations and beginning new ones!  Happy New Year!

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